Choir Director

I am a co-founder of the 'Everyone Can Sing Choir' which has been going since September 2016. We provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere with the belief that everyone can sing and it's been wonderful to follow choir members who in the first few sessions said they couldn't sing but are now singing sometimes in 4-part harmony. We've taken part in great concerts raising lots of money for charity including Parkinson's UK, Rope , Rob's Arttt and Rape Crisis. Indeed the choir has gone from strength to strength with over 100 members now who all come together and enjoy the well-being and sense of community that singing together brings!


I am also the singing leader for 'The Warblers' which is run by the local Branch of Parkinson's UK. This is a group for people and their carers living with the effects of Parkinson's disease. Singing really helps with breathing, facial muscle mobility and increasing volume for speaking - a fantastic group of people who support each other and enjoy singing everything and anything! 



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